Getting a Quote from Corporate Moving Companies

The process of choosing a corporate mover includes obtaining quotes from such providers to help you compare which one provides the best value.

Moving and relocation are offered by providers to help people transfer to a new location. Services of corporate moving companies include conveyance of all types of equipment, supplies and company files from the previous office to a new place. This service provider can also handle setting up of utilities and computer networking in the new office; work stations; and, other fundamental requirements.
In looking for moving solutions, you have to check carefully the background of companies that you are targeting. It is also essential to obtain proposals and quotes from different companies and make a comparison. This will allow you to choose the most experienced and affordable corporate relocations expert in your area.

Binding Quotes

The binding estimate denotes that the quoted price is what the client pays for even if the load is more or less than the projected cost. A number of company movers offer the Binding Not-To-Exceed estimate. The concept is simple and very popular among corporate clients. If the actual heaviness of your shipment is more than the quote, you still pay the amount indicated. However, you pay a lower fee if the weight is less than the quote.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association or FMCSA states that the binding estimate submitted by corporate moving services should describe exactly the cargo together with the detailed responsibilities of the mover. The company will bill you separately for additional services, like long carry charges, shuttle or flight charges. It cannot charge you more than the amount of the moving company quotes during or right after the delivery. All estimates should be prepared in written form. One copy should be sent to you before the scheduled relocation date.

Once you conform to the quote, it is necessary to settle the fee through cash, certified check, money order, or cashier’s check, at the time of delivery. The state to state moving company can accept payment before relocation or accept a credit card. Your belongings will be kept in storage until you can pay the fee completely. All storage fees will be charged to you. The quote is binding to you and the mover. The commercial mover has the prerogative not to move your cargo if there are items which have not been declared in the formal quote.

Non Binding Estimates

Commercial moving companies also provide non-binding quotes. These are more common than the first option. There are also regulations prescribed by the FMCSA regarding this method. The salient provision is that clients cannot be charged for a non-binding quote. It is not considered a bid or formal contract. Instead, this quote is an estimated cost of the relocation and does not oblige the corporate relocation specialists to this price. In most instances, the final cost will be beyond the estimate unless mentioned specifically in the contract. Nonetheless, it has to be in agreement with the mover’s taxes. Federal legislation mandates that the moving company collects the fees indicated in its tariffs, regardless of what is contained in the non-binding quote. All estimates should be in writing while charges are imposed on the bill of lading and service order. Likewise, the company mover should maintain documentation of all estimates of charges for every move performed for at least one year from the date the quote was accomplished.